Ever noticed how the one thing that didn't go as well as you would have liked stands out above everything else in the day? How easy it is to keep on kicking yourself for that double booking, that ill-judged joke! To maintain a buoyant attitude in the face of this negative bias - which after all is only trying to keep us safe - develop these three simple habits.

Each day ask yourself:

1. What went well? Reflect on your day and consider the many small successes you had. Some days simply getting yourself to work on time can be considered a win!

2. Name three good things. Go into a bit of depth here. What made those things good? For example, a colleague invited me to join her for lunch. That was good because I was absorbed in my work and needed a break. Consider each good thing and the particular qualities which made it good for you today.

2 Ducks

3. Do an act of kindness. A simple thing such as emptying the dishwasher even if it's not your turn, making someone a cup of tea, or even smiling at a stranger in the street, will connect you with others and make you feel good. Or you might find your kindness is blended into your day and can be discovered by asking 'how did I contribute today?'

Try making a routine which supports these positive habits. For example, you could reflect on your day before you leave work, even making some notes at your desk if that' s possible. The dirve home might be a way of reminding yourself what went well. If you have someone at home to talk to, tell them the three good things and ask for theirs. A short meditation before bedtime could include what went well and three good things. (The meditation might be an act of kindness to yourself.)