Morning after

The news that Trump will be the US President says something about the shadow side of human nature.

We all have our Shadow and we can all put self-interest, envy and anger ahead of being the best of ourselves. Mostly the Shadow is not Evil personified as the cartoons portray it, but petty, ungracious and selfish. Is this what motivated the voters in the US? I can't say, each on would have a different reason, even if the only reason was that they were swept up in the crowd frenzy created by demagoguery and media drama.

If it helps, I can think of a few silver linings. If Obama couldn't achieve all that he had in mind, hopefully Trump can't either; the most disaffected, mean, dangerous people got what they wanted so aren't on a rampage this morning; and I doubt Trump has the staying power for government, he only wanted to be the winner and move into the White House. After that it might be a bit much like hard work and I wonder whether he might be satisfied with becoming a figurehead at public occasions, leaving the job to the officials who are the real power holders. Let's hope they are knowledgeable people with good values.

The campaign and now the result has already mobilised people to make their values explicit and do more to express them. I have faith that the better side of human nature will come through.