Day Forty-nine


Autumn leaves

A magic number – seven times seven, like the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter (which I'm not) and it's the last day of Level Three. Also the last day of this daily blog. I'll post my thoughts from time to time when there's something to share but for now, it's time to stop. I've found it very grounding to reflect on each day and knowing that you were reading it, pay attention to the little gems in a quiet life. Thank you all for the comments and reactions. Just knowing you were there has helped a lot. I leave you with the verses I wrote for my music lesson – they will have a melody in due course but for now it's all about the rhythm.

What did we do at Level Four?

We stayed at home and shut the door.

We walked and biked for our daily hour

And worried, while cleaning things, what lay in store

at Level Four.

What did we do at Level Three?

Took wetsuits and surfboards and played in the sea,

Bought takeaway coffees and told ourselves, 'Whee!

It's such a relief to be feeling so free

at Level Three.'

What did we do at Level Two?

Went shopping for clothes and the perfect shoe.

Rang up the barber for a hipster do.

Thought, school's going back so we're nearly through

at Level Two.

What did we do at Level One?

This started in summer but autumn's now gone.

We look at each other, gosh, what have we done?

There aren't enough jobs for everyone

at Level One.

What will we do when we're back on our own?

When restrictions are over, the barriers gone

And no one is calling by Zoom or by phone,

Will we make the new world we imagined at home?

Was that what it was for?