Day Eighteen



Easter Sunday. I wake to the gentle sound of rain trickling in the downpipe. Easter is often that holiday where people are tempted to a last hurrah of summer activities, head off into the outdoors and get rained on. Most people will be snugly at home this Easter, the rain is a great opportunity to rest and relax.

Our Zoom Quaker meeting works well, with a small surprise when someone comes in, says, 'Oh it's Nelson, not Dunedin' and leaves again. It's good to see friendly faces and have a chat at the end. We're getting used to this method and making it work for us.

My day runs gently between knitting, reading and TV. I manage a walk in a short fine break around lunch time. In the afternoon, some of the showers become downpours and the sky is dark. Each time I start to get up, thinking, 'I should...' I sit back again and tell myself I don't have to. I feel cosy and rested.

I make myself some truffle 'Easter eggs' but I don't hide them! I have delicious leftovers for dinner.  And that's my relaxing Easter Sunday.