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Dealing with Depression will empower those who suffer from depression and those who support them.

Buy your copy here:  https://exislepublishing.com/product/dealing-with-depression/

In it, I offer  a range of strategies, from the physiological fundamentals of sleep, healthy diet and exercise to ideas from positive psychology that help us to take care of ourselves.

My advice on improving well-being in body, mind and spirit is clear, practical and easy to implement.

Whether it is trying a breathing exercise or re-scripting your self‐talk, you can choose one or two things intially and focus on those.

Many people have an inner critic that can be cruel and unrelenting. Learning to replace this inner bully with kinder, more
compassionate self‐talk is an important step to getting your life back.

I have been a clinical psychologist for 40 years. Dealing with Depression draws on all that I have learnt over those years, from formal education, workshops and reading and, above all, from the many clients who trusted me and opened up about what was going wrong and what helped.