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Whooping with delight

Posted by Jan on 28 January 2013 | Comments


When my children were seven and five we did a sponsored 'Walk for the Whales', ten kilometres around Auckland's bays. They were both veterans of various marches and had a collection of badges with mottos such as 'You can't cuddle children with nuclear arms' and 'Live simply so that others may simply live.' The rainbow-coloured Greenpeace badge was an attractive prize.

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Caretake this moment

Posted by Jan on 21 January 2013 | Comments

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I visited a friend this morning and over green tea and homemade biscuits I said how much I'm enjoying summer days spending time with friends, or swimming, reading and gardening, but that I worried that I lacked a sense of purpose. She told me how an older woman had said to her that looking after yourself, your environment and your relationships was surely enough. It makes sense. I've always believed that if each of us did just that, all these small circles would join up and create a peaceful world.

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Celebrate Family

Posted by Jan on 3 January 2013 | Comments

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What a marvellous time of year! After a rush to finish up my work commitments and tidy the garden, I've been in Wellington for two weeks of family celebrations. My grandson turned one year old just before Christmas and was surrounded by loving relatives and presents. His/our birthday treat was a day at a nature reserve where he was fascinated to see the animals and birds, mostly from the safety of his parents' or grandparents' arms.

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