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Chickens in, chickens out

Posted by Jan on 15 November 2012 | Comments


There's a story my daughter and I find very apt for those occasions when you feel you have a problem but in the course of trying to solve it you make things so much worse that simply returning to the status quo is a great relief. Sometimes we shorthand it to each other by saying, 'Chickens in, chickens out.' We know what we mean!

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Martha, Mary and the One Thing Needed

Posted by Jan on 5 November 2012 | Comments

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I have often pondered the story of Martha and Mary. I tend to side with Martha. Put in contemporary terms, Martha and Mary are sisters who keep house for their brother, Lazarus. Lazarus brings home his charismatic friend, Jesus, and a crowd of hangers on, at least a dozen of them. No doubt Lazarus whispers to his sisters, 'Rustle us up a feed will you? The Master has been all over the district preaching and we're famished.'

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