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Being Present

Posted by Jan on 23 October 2012 | Comments

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I spent the long weekend, aptly named Labour Weekend, painting my living room. After the first morning, when a kind friend came to help me wash down the walls and gave me a couple of hours of her gentle company, I worked alone. I made a conscious decision to work slowly and carefully, initially to avoid getting paint on the carpet, and then because I enjoyed it.

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We are all good

Posted by Jan on 7 October 2012 | Comments

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A Buddhist friend sent me this from her daily Dharma quote. It fitted well with some of the ideas I have been pondering and writing about here. Kusulu isĀ  a Tibetan term for a yogi or a simple meditator, as opposed to a scholar.

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Half-full? Overflowing!

Posted by Jan on 2 October 2012 | Comments

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We are used to the 'glass half full, glass half empty' analogy to refer to optimists and pessimists. It's easy to think of this as a matter of luck - a positive attitude is either in the person's nature ('born that way') or a matter of circumstances (winning Lotto).

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