Speak up for your values

Posted by on 20 September 2017 | Comments

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My feeling that 'you don't speak for me' is particularly strong right now. A few days from our own election, and hearing about Australia's huge poll on same sex marriage, I need to clarify what I think and feel so that I can speak for myself.

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Posted by on 1 September 2017 | Comments

A while ago, I allowed a man I had just met to put me in a headlock!

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Running in dress socks

Posted by on 15 August 2017 | Comments

My coach says: run on grass

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Posted by Jan on 8 August 2017 | Comments

Recently I bought a new pear tree which my grandson and I planted in the school holidays. What does it need to thrive? We chose a spot that would get enough sunlight and dug a good-sized hole, putting in several spadefuls of compost and some fertiliser. I carefully unwrapped the roots and fitted them into the hole. My grandson held the trunk vertical while I shovelled in the soil and some more compost. He stamped the soil firm with his boots and we made a stone edging so that the compost wouldn't be washed away. We finished off our work with water and some straw mulch.

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Deferred Maintenance

Posted by on 13 July 2017 | Comments

Lately we are becoming familiar with the term 'deferred maintenance', meaning, basically, that our built environment has been neglected and is deteriorating. We see the results all around us: yellow stickered buildings that do not reach building standards, even in towns that have not had severe earthquakes. Cold, damp rental housing. Schools where classrooms are shabby and crowded. Hospital wards ditto. Sewage overflows and flooding from poor drainage, drinking water polluted, roads too narrow and crowded for the growing amounts of traffic. Minimal public transport in most regions. It all speaks of a failure of stewardship.

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